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This week's Flash Fiction Challenge over at Chuck Wendig's blog involves creating a character, then offering it up to be the lead of someone else's story in next week's challenge. I've been meaning to get involved in Chuck's challenges for a while now, and there's no time like the present to grab a piece of that action. So here's my character, Carmen.

Carmen Maria Alvarado is a tall, tough underground fighter, desperate to win the recognition of her doggedly traditional mother. Growing up a tomboy and criticized at every turn for not being a “proper” woman, she finds herself torn between competing desires. Unfailingly loyal to family but unable to deny herself, Carmen is determined to win her mother’s approval via excellence at her chosen career, even though it may be hopeless. Although she often displays a challenging gaze and attitude, Carmen craves approval and can become depressed after being rejected yet again by her mother. Carmen’s father and siblings, a sister and two brothers, generally stay out of the conflict but do wish she was more feminine. Her brothers do watch her fight on occasion. Carmen is a technical type of fighter, relying on observation and agility more than sheer power. She has great concentration under pressure, although after losses this can turn into a detailed assessment of her failures. Due to her obsession with becoming the best, she is poor at relating to others save her coach. She has no interest in romance and the idea of sex repels her. She normally dresses light, even in cold times, adding layers where necessary. Her outfit almost always has some of her favourite colour, red, in it. She wears no makeup and due to her cropped hair, posture and assorted bruises she presents an androgynous figure. Her movements are agile, and she moves lightly both walking and in the ring.
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