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2017-07-07 08:05 pm
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Window Shopping

My finger trembled, pressed SELECT. Your catalogue entry left me unable to resist.

Hidden motors whirred. The shutter opened. You couldn’t see me but you knew; your posture told me. They always knew. You sat with catlike defiance with a glimmer in your eyes I ached to snuff out.

But I’d never own you. Not me, who'd sat in a capsule like yours. An actual Person would master you. My Owner, busy, left me to browse and dream. An impossible, rebellious dream.

I turned away.

The restlessness remained. Was I once like you? Did my eyes glimmer?

I can't remember.

Based on last week's prompt on Thimbleful.

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2017-05-04 09:07 pm

You Gotta Have Standards

This is another of my Very Short Fics, with a hard limit of 200 words. This one was also an exercise in conversation planning, since my current (maybe paying) work relies on a LOT of conversation so that's something I'm focusing on right now.

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2015-09-04 11:27 am

Terribleminds Flash Fiction Challenge - Purgatory Has Too Nice a View

Last week was my first time joining the challenge, this week's my first time writing a story for it. I chose Kira Jessup's character, Ryan Healey.

So here's my 1,999 words, which I procrastinated over way too much and pretty much paid the price for. But one way or the other it's done for good or ill, and that's kind of important in its own way.
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2015-08-24 04:33 pm

Terribleminds Flash Fiction Challenge - Character Creation

This week's Flash Fiction Challenge over at Chuck Wendig's blog involves creating a character, then offering it up to be the lead of someone else's story in next week's challenge. I've been meaning to get involved in Chuck's challenges for a while now, and there's no time like the present to grab a piece of that action. So here's my character, Carmen.

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