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Well, after Friday's class I feel a bit better about my ability to do this assignment. Apparently I was overthinking the whole mess, and assuming there'd be a LOT more fabric folds and such than actually are gonna be there. Plus, I was given a great shortcut to figuring out how the whole motion was gonna work, so that's a big plus right there. Which is really good, since the damn thing is due on Monday, therefore I gotta get the actual .mov file on the server by Sunday.

Which, of course, was another issue for me. Since the school is literally across town and bus service on Sunday sucks, I'd basically be blowing three hours of my Sunday in transit alone, to say nothing of what I'd spend at the school itself. So what to do.

Found a solution, in part with improving my practice using MonkeyJam. I've got a peg bar taped to my scanner right now to keep everything in register, and I finally found out about the VPN service the college has got, so that means once I get everything "filmed", I can remotely submit it from home. Yay for technology!
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