nezchan: Navis at breakfast (Default)
nezchan ([personal profile] nezchan) wrote2009-11-28 12:09 am

Uh, yeah. Good luck, I guess.

Looks like John K has lost me again. He's a great animator, and everything I've heard talks about his talent with the pencil, but my Gods the man is an ass. I can handle him in small doses, especially when he's talking about solid drawing and classic comics and animation, but as soon as he starts getting into commentary the bullshit just flows out.

I mean seriously, how am I supposed to keep reading after he uses a phrase like "the afro-'tude-frog-princess-revert to our roots and sell more princess dolls picture", then pulling the bullshit white privilege "gee, I didn't know it was racist, can't I say afro-american now?" routine. He knows full well it's racist, he just has justification close at hand.

Not that he's that easy to read the rest of the time anyway. Guess that's one more item off my RSS feed, and good riddance to rancid shit.

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